Problem solve with Bethany Butterfly at the Magical ABC Sidewalk


For years I have voiced other peoples projects.

In 2018 I'm finally voicing my own! I am self-published and proud of it! I am making my dreams come true.

Sidewalk Stories….. is about problems, and coming up with ideas to solve them. Ideas are where you start!

Singing the Stop-Think-Act song takes Bethany Butterfly and friends to the Magical ABC Sidewalk where they safely think up ideas to solve the dilemma of the day! In an alternate-ending format they travel down each Sidewalk option to experience the outcomes of their possible solutions. Which Sidewalk path will they choose?

I'm Wendy K Gray, an American Voiceover Actor, Singer, Songwriter, Author and Creator of Sidewalk Stories;

A collection of books, audio books, coloring books, and original music for kids.

My storytelling experience began when I started expressing myself as a child, writing poetry. Then, writing songs. Understanding how a song is best performed live helped me tell a better story as a voice over actor and a writer. Voicing my own characters gave me a clear connection to who they are.


My biggest, long term goal is to make Sidewalk Stories into an animated series. In 2008 I pitched my project to Seth MacFarlane who helped connect some dots to get other meetings. I was devastated when Sidewalk Stories didn't get picked up. It has taken me eleven years to return my dream. Working with illustrator Kate Shannon has been a dream in itself! We have developed interactive iBooks/Apps with animation, audio narration and songs!


Read, Watch, Listen and Sing with Sidewalk Stories.  Hearing kids are coloring in the coloring book at the local library then checking out the paperback is thrilling! I love coloring! We made digital coloring books for iBooks, along with paperbacks on Amazon. Every day I am working toward my goal. Today is the day. Sidewalk Stories Lives!




Wendy K Gray.jpg
Wendy K Gray.jpg

I discovered Kate Shannon on the internet! I stumbled upon a picture of a Moon, in a boat, rowing on the water. I instantly knew Kate was the one for Sidewalk Stories. Below is some of the start up work she did on the characters many years ago. Her links are below as well. Brilliant, she is!


Kate recently published the book that drew me to her. The Harvest Moon Takes a Dip is available on Amazon. Audiobook that I narrated is on itunes. Wonderful story! Click the images.

Bethany Butterfly Sidewalk Stories butterfly that still need to learn to fly
Sidewalk Stories
Wanna see more of Kate Shannon?  CLICK here on Bethany Butterfly.
Click here for one of Kate  Shannon's site.
Bethany Butterfly
Original bad sketch I sent to Kate
Otis Oaktree

Trevor Gribbon

Willow Worm

Sidewalk Stories
Crispy Cactus

Sammie Squirrelly

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Created by Wendy K Gray  Illustrated by Kate Shannon.   

Sidewalk Stories is a registered Trademark.


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