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The Lemonade Landing Mat. 

Sammie Squirrelly has lemonade that doesn't belong to him. Which Sidewalk path will he choose? A, B or C?

Join Bethany Butterfly and friends at The Magical ABC Sidewalk and sing the Stop-Think-Act Song to unravel the mystery of...Sidewalk Stories The Lemonade Landing Mat. 

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How Otis Oaktree Opened His Eyes. 

The 1982 hailstorm stole Otis's courage! Will Otis feel safer if he asks Mother Nature to STOP the rain? Singing the Stop-Think-Act song with Bethany Butterfly at the Magical ABC Sidewalk takes Otis on a journey of recovery!

Which path will lead him to his courage, Option A, B or C? 

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Meet Moby Mutt.

We discover being a dog owner requires some listening and a punk rock show! Trevor tries out options with Bethany Butterfly and friends at the Magical ABC Sidewalk to be more responsible and uncovers a delightful surprise about his dog and himself. 

Curious about the digital content? Check out these Youtube samples!

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